Applied Aikido – modern self-defense system

Applied Aikido is a Serbian system of self-defense, developed by Master Radojica Spasovic, Black Belt 9 Dan.

Radojica Spasovic studied with the founder of Real Aikido Ljubomir Vracarevic for more than 30 years, was one of his best students and spent 25 years as a personal assistant to Grandmaster Lubomyr. During this time he:

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What sport to choose for a child

At some point, most parents have questions:

  • To which section to give the child?
  • What sport is good for children?
  • How to give a child the opportunity to grow up harmoniously?

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Training Gi for Aikido: when should you buy a kimono

Today we will speak about one of the most common questions: “What clothes is the most convenient for a trial lesson?” And “When should you buy a kimono?”. We’ll also show you which kimono, or rather training Gi, to wear.

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Why your daughter should study Applied Aikido

If you are happy parents of a charming girl and think about the sports section, we can say with full confidence that Applied Aikido for children is the best option. Consider the benefits of aikido for girls in more detail.

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Perfect age to start practicing Aikido

Sometimes we receive such questions as “Isn’t it too late to bring my child to the Aikido classes, concerning his/her age?”

We have only one answer – there is no age restrictions in Aikido, especially in Applied Aikido. It doesn’t really matter, how old is your child or even you when it comes to workouts. However it is really important to have passion and desire to practice and workout.

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