Vacations in the training process: a whim or a necessity

Vacations in the training process: a whim or a necessity

Quite often parents, friends and colleagues ask us if it’s scary to let their children go on vacation. Someone asks if the children will not forget over the summer everything they have been taught. We also heard that after the holidays it is absolutely impossible to discipline children. Someone appeals to the fact that trainees lose their shape and many other reasons. Today we will try to answer as broadly as possible why we consider the holidays to be obligatory and which ones we have in the Club.

Seasonality or Consistency?

Perhaps, it is worth starting with the fact that we are not professional athletes who prepare to perform at a certain level within a clearly defined period of time. For example, we can recall football or basketball players who are faced with the following tasks:

  • withstand games throughout the season;
  • demonstrate certain dynamics and effectiveness;
  • keep yourself in good condition for a certain period.

Our task is completely different: to improve, develop, learn, hone skills and craftsmanship, but in order to apply in case of need and extreme necessity.

Айкидо на природе

We do not have competitions for which representatives of other sports should be at their peak. We have already written about why exactly we consider the competition in aikido to be meaningless. More details can be found here.

Almost any individual sports involve some form of competition, to determine the superiority and determine the winner:

  • gymnastics;
  • acrobatics;
  • tennis;
  • ski jumping;
  • swimming;
  • badminton and many others.

Yes, undoubtedly, you can do them “for yourself”, for your own development and pleasure. But there is no point in denying the presence of a competitive element.

Martial arts are an endless process of self-improvement

In contrast to this, martial arts in general, and Applied Aikido, in the first place, are work on oneself. Here you are your biggest rival. And you need to become better yourself not only during the season or during your playing career. This is a process of self-improvement, which can and should be devoted to a lifetime.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict the moment when a person will find himself in a conflict situation. You must always be ready to protect yourself, and not only at the peak of the form and knowing the date of the fight in advance. Therefore, our training is structured in such a way that a person can rebuff the aggressor at any moment.

Аттестация по Прикладному Айкидо

Undoubtedly, we are preparing for rank tests, preparing our pupils for them. But this is a slightly different story and a different preparation, which we will talk about in one of the next articles. In order not to miss its appearance, subscribe to our Facebook page, where we always inform you about the appearance of fresh materials on our website.

Let’s go back to the point where we talked about how you can and should devote your whole life to the study of martial arts.

What the study of Applied Aikido gives:

  • self-defense skills;
  • confidence in your strength;
  • correct physical development and much more.

A full-fledged section can be devoted to each of these points, but this is not the point now. It is important to understand that training in this case is a creative process. When a person learns:

  • control yourself;
  • master your emotions;
  • develops coordination and more.

Relaxation as part of learning

But at the same time, it is worth remembering that even from the most beloved work, you can get tired and lose interest in it, if you do not pause and rest. We are focused on long-term and fruitful work. Comprehension of any martial art is a process in which there is no limit, no end point, and which lasts for years. This is why we recommend resting and recuperating after the school season.

Айкидо Киев

This is done in order to switch, get distracted, have time to get bored and happily return to your favorite pastime in the new season.

Another important aspect is that training in our Club, as in any other business, is the acquisition of a certain amount of knowledge. We have a program that we are working on. And the longer a person studies, the more information and knowledge he receives. But you always need to give the body time to process, organize and structure the received information.

It’s not a secret for anyone that if something does not work out, some problem cannot be solved, then you just need to distract yourself, step aside and switch, in order to return later and resolve the issue that has arisen. And this is the most effective and much more effective way than fighting over a solution, driving yourself more and more into a state where you just want to quit the task.

With training, the situation is exactly the same. The body needs time for several actions:

  • to process the received information and put it on the shelves;
  • draw the necessary conclusions that may not lie on the surface;
  • and perhaps even find answers that previously seemed unattainable.

Thus, rest does not lead to loss of information. It helps to process the received and is an obligatory part of the learning process.

Летние каникулы Айкидо Киев

And of course, one must absolutely not forget about one very important factor. The child’s body grows and develops. Summer is a great time for vitamins and fresh air. Swimming and walking. All this is extremely necessary for the harmonious and correct development of the child. And it has no less beneficial effect on adults.

Therefore, we repeat: rest is an important and necessary component of the learning process. In our Club, we always do winter and summer vacations. This is an opportunity to be with relatives and friends, to visit grandmothers, grandfathers and distant relatives, to whom there is not always an opportunity to come. Just take a walk, get your portion of vitamin D, joyful emotions and impressions, so that in September you can return to your studies refreshed and full of energy.

We sincerely wish you a wonderful summer and a good rest, and the new training season in our Club starts in September. The schedule and contact information can always be found here.