Lying on the couch and complaining of constant fatigue or overcoming your laziness and doing something good for your health? For us, the choice is obvious. We are for health. And both physical and psychological. After all, it is impossible to overestimate the beneficial effects of sports on the body.

The modern world has given us many opportunities, but has left its mark:

  • Feel that you have almost no physical activity?
  • Chronic fatigue and discomfort due to a sedentary lifestyle?
  • Are age changes confusing?
  • Need to reboot and distract from routine or work?
  • Do you want to find like-minded people and join a friendly team?
  • Don’t like competitive sports?
  • Want to feel better and get rid of discord?

Then you need to train. And training in Applied Aikido in Kyiv is up to us. No age restrictions and no unnecessary rituals. Friendly atmosphere. Convenient location of dojos on the right and left banks of the Dnipro. Close to the metro and convenient transport links.

We work in mixed groups and do not divide students into beginners and more experienced, which allows you to quickly master the basics and move forward. Limited number of people in adult groups and the presence of several coaches in one class. This means that instead of being given to yourself, you will definitely get the coach’s attention and be able to train and develop effectively.

In our Club, men and women work together, which allows girls to test their strengths and skills on partners whose size can significantly exceed their own. There, partners of different physiques will allow you to try and practice the shown techniques.

A logical and structured training program for adults will allow you to go all the way from beginner to Master as effectively as possible.

The children’s program is developed taking into account all features of a growing organism. But it has more than just physical effects. You can read more about this in the section Aikido for children.

However, the most important thing is that you can join at any time of the school year. Don’t wait for Monday, a new week or the beginning of next month. To find out if there are vacancies, call now. All contacts here. Or write to us in Viber, Telegram or WhatsApp.

Questions left? We have collected the answers to the most common ones here.