Our values and main objectives

In Club of Applied Aikido “Lazar” we strictly follow educational system developed by The Head of International Applied Aikido Federation Master Radoica Spasovich (black belt 9th dan). Our coaches have participated in various local and international gatherings and seminars, and they still do. We take internships in Serbia regularly, studying and taking experience directly from the Applied Aikido Headmaster.

Our goal is distinctive and full knowledge transfer from us to our students. Development, growth and expanding our horizons exactly in the field of Applied Aikido is important for our team. We are not interested in multiple martial arts. We consider person who claim himself able to use more than 1 martial art either mastered his skills to the level of one-of-a-kind Masters, or just got superficial knowledge and mastered nothing. As philosopher Seneca stated “Who is everywhere – is nowhere”.

We will be pleased to teach you everything we know and able to use connected to the Applied Aikido. Every workout is dedicated to development and improvement. You can go this path all the lifetime. If you decide to join us or give us your child for studying, you can be sure our workouts are all about discipline, respect, friendly atmosphere and, of course, Applied Aikido.