Sports trips and camps

The training process in our Club is built in accordance with the standards of the International Federation of Applied Aikido and is aimed at the most effective work. And for its quality rest is important.

The season starts in September and ends in June. At the same time, we have only summer and winter vacations. In autumn and spring, the educational process does not stop during school holidays. By the way, we talked about the importance of vacations and their impact on the training process in the article Vacations in the training process: a whim or a necessity.

However, back to the summer off-season. After all, sometimes parents have a question how to organize a vacation:

  • Don’t know what to do with your child in the summer?
  • Don’t have a place to send him out of town?
  • Don’t want to leave a child with strangers?
  • Worried about safety and health?
  • Do you want to make vacation as useful as possible and full of pleasant emotions?

Then we invite you to join our summer camps and give your child an unforgettable vacation. Useful and productive.

Together with the children we repeatedly went to camps near Kyiv (in Pushcha-Vodytsya and Koncha-Zaspa), we were in the Carpathians and on the sea.

We use different formats of camps:

  • with integration into the program of the children’s camp, if we have a rest on its basis;
  • autonomous program in case of stay in a sanatorium or simply in a recreation center.

But camp life necessarily includes training outdoors or indoors, depending on the weather.

Our advantages are very simple:

  • children go on vacation with coaches they know well;
  • our coaches are in the camp 24/7;
  • only our students or their siblings travel with us, so we are confident in a friendly atmosphere and the complete absence of bullying, which is unacceptable in our Club;
  • we closely monitor safety on land and in water;
  • there are always several coaches on each trip, depending on the number of children.

The most important thing is that we are interested in our students continuing to practice in the Club in the future. Therefore, a summer aikido camp near Kyiv, in the Carpathians or at sea is a continuation of our work process, not a situational story that we have gone through and forgotten.

We have completely different goals:

  • team building;
  • improving children’s communication skills;
  • interaction between senior and junior students;
  • mastering additional self-defense skills and gaining new knowledge;
  • physical development and recovery.

We will create the most friendly atmosphere. We restrict the use of gadgets and mobile phones so that children can communicate and interact more with each other. We try to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air and in active games and entertainment.

Our coaches have extensive experience in accompanying children to the first summer camp. Therefore, it will always help not only to pass this period, but also to properly prepare for it. They will also monitor the implementation of all hygienic procedures and timely change of clothes.

You can find out the schedule of planned camps and sports trips and clarify all the details with our coaches. All contact information is posted here.