Seminars and rank-tests

All martial arts have their own system for determining and confirming the level of skill of students. We talked about this in more detail in the articles System of ranks in martial arts (part 1), System of ranks in martial arts (part 2).

The Club of Applied Aikido “Lazar” is no exception. We are part of the International Federation, so our students and coaches have the opportunity to take exams according to the established rank program for the relevant belts and participate in seminars conducted by the chairman of IFAA.

However, we would like to draw your attention to:

  • Participation in rank-tests and seminars is voluntary and is always at the discretion of the student or his parents.
  • We can recommend, but we will never insist on participating in our events.

For those who have decided to delve as much as possible into the study of Applied Aikido and grow in this discipline, there are annual work-shops conducted by the head of IFAA, Master Radojica Spasovic.

The seminar is held in the format of active practical classes and lasts 2-3 days. These few workouts are aimed at:

  • to increase the level of students’ skills;
  • disassemble new techniques;
  • work out the nuances of previously learned techniques;
  • make adjustments to existing work;
  • to correct mistakes that may occur during training.

The seminar is always held in the format of the most applied event, which allows you to get a set of not theoretical, but practical skills, which are further developed and honed.

The last day of the seminar is dedicated to the large annual rank-test and is a main part of the event. A large number of guests and spectators always gather for rank-test. Here, all students demonstrate the skills acquired and acquired during the year in front of a high commission.

In our martial arts clear terms of preparation for a new belt are established:

  • the first two belts with regular training and productive work can be obtained for the first year of study;
  • all subsequent – only one belt per year;
  • the term of preparation for black reaches not less than 2 years, after certification for brown.

Therefore, to obtain a black belt requires at least 6-7 years of regular and fruitful training.

It is also worth noting that obtaining a black belt is not the end of training, but only the transition to a new level of work. We covered this issue in more detail in the article Black Belt: Finale or Beginning of the Path?.

However, any path begins with the first step. A study of Applied Aikido starts from a trial workout. You can find out the location of the nearest dojo, schedule and find the necessary contacts here. Or write to us in Telegram.

See you on the tatami!