The school season 2020/21 - a new schedule and working conditions

The school season 2020/21 – a new schedule and working conditions

Dear parents and students of CAA “Lazar” we remind you that the new school season will start on September 1.

The most important thing for us is the health and safety of our students, so, due to the situation in the country and the world, we make some adjustments to the work of the Club until the abolition of all quarantine restrictions.

Start of training

September 1 – Children’s Club “Holly” (Borshchahivka), 14 Koltsova Blvd.

September 2 – Pozniaky, 2 Mishuhy Street

September 3 – Berest, 18 A. Tsedika Street

Medical information / health / temperature screening: Please prepare medical information about your health in advance (such as for school and kindergarten). Before the start of training, we will conduct a temperature screening at the entrance. Residual cough, runny nose and fever will be the reason for not being allowed to training. After the illness, it is necessary to bring a certificate from a doctor, which will indicate the permission to stay in the children’s team and physical activity.

Duration of training and homework: this year, in order to reduce the number of students in the dojos at the same time, we will reduce the duration of training to 50 minutes. Ventilation and implementation of all other anti-epidemic recommendations of the Ministry of Health will also be organized during breaks. Including extensive ventilation for 20 minutes every two hours. Due to the slight reduction in the duration of classes, some of the physical exercises will be translated into homework format. We ask parents to help younger students with the tasks.

Number of students: given the situation, the number of students in groups will depend on the size of the hall and will have its limitations. Therefore, some groups will be divided with appropriate changes in the schedule.

Lessons schedule

Beresteyska (Monday and Thursday) – remains unchanged.

  • Teen group – 17:00
  • Senior children’s group – 18:00
  • Junior children’s group – 19:10
  • Adult – 20:20

Holly Children’s Club (Tuesday and Friday) – minor adjustments are made and groups are divided:

  • Junior children’s group – 15:20 (works in parallel)
  • Senior children’s group (1 half) – 16:20
  • Senior children’s group (2nd half) – 17:20
  • Junior children’s group – 18:30 (works in parallel)
  • Junior children’s group – 19:30 (works in parallel)
  • Teen group – 20:30

Check with the administrators of the Holly Children’s Club for more information and all details.

Poznyaki (Wednesday and Saturday) – minor adjustments are made and groups are divided:

  • Teen group – 16:30 (9:30)
  • Senior children’s group – 17:30 (10:30)
  • Children’s group (1 half) – 18:40 (11:40)
  • Children’s group (2nd half) – 19:35 (12:35)
  • Adult – 20:30 (13:30)

We tried to keep the usual schedule, but still some adjustments have to be made. After all, health and safety have always been and will always be our number one priority. When the situation returns to normal, we will be happy to resume the usual schedule. We hope for your understanding and support.

Coaching staff of the Club of Applied Aikido “Lazar”