The 2018/19 academic season is officially over

The 2018/19 academic season is officially over

The Club of Applied Aikido “Lazar” officially reports about the end of the 2018/19 school season. We are grateful to everyone for a wonderful year, which brought many achievements and helped to set new goals for the next season. Today we would like to summarize what we have done and realized.

Perhaps the most important of what has been done, was the opening of a new dojo in the sports complex of KNEU. We moved there from a much smaller dojo and we are glad that, despite the change of training venue, although not drastic, many students didn’t left us and found the opportunity to attend training in a new spacious dojo. Of course, we are happy for everyone who joined our aikifamily at the new location.

Moreover, due to the large size of the dojo, we were able to form an adult group and we welcome all, who joined us this school year. Some students have already passed the exam for their first belt in Applied Aikido, we are proud of you.

The most important event of any season is a seminar and a club rank test. This year is no an exception. In March, we were pleased to welcome in Kyiv the head of the International Federation of Applied Aikido, Master Radojica Spasovic, Black Belt 9 Dan SOKE. It was a wonderful and very productive seminar, as well as the rank test and the opportunity to train together.

The Chairman of the Federation praised the level of training of students of our Club. Everyone who was admitted to the rank test successfully passed it and received their well-deserved belts. We are glad that this year was a ranking test for all student degrees, as well as for coaches. Olena Morachevych successfully passed the rank test and received the high title of Master of Applied Aikido, black belt 1 Dan. The head coach of the Club, Yuriy Petrovichev, successfully passed the rank test, and was awarded 2 Dan of Applied Aikido. We sincerely congratulate our coaches and wish them further development.

Also during the seminar, Master Radojica Spasovic praised our work during this period and our contribution to the development of Applied Aikido in Kyiv and Ukraine. The Club of Applied Aikido “Lazar” was awarded a special distinction for its contribution to the development of this area.

We are glad that the guys from Pavlograd, Dnipropetrovsk region, also came to Kyiv for the seminar. And this visit was the beginning of a good friendship and cooperation. Already in May our head coach visited Pavlograd.Conducted several trainings and introduced the boys and girls who train there with the features and nuances of Applied Aikido. In the beginning of June we were glad to receive Pavlograd guests at our trainings in Kyiv. We are sure that we will definitely visit the Dnipropetrovsk region with a seminar next school year and will be glad to see everyone.

In addition to these positive moments, a lot of current work has been done. We also want to thank all our friends and partners who have supported and continue to support us along the way. Among them I would like to mention the Children’s Club “Holly”, Cortez Fight Team, Laci Develop, as well as those who always stay behind the scenes, but help us to do our job. We also thank parents and students for their faith and trust. We are glad and proud that you are with us.

We meet the summer holidays with pleasure from the accomplished work and big plans for the next year. The next couple of months we will rest and gain strength. Spend this time with family and friends. Take a walk, swim, enjoy the sun and recharge your batteries.

We are going to open the new 2019/20 training season in September. And we have big plans for it. Follow the news! Do not forget to subscribe to our Facebook page, where there is always fresh and relevant information. We present all urgent and operative news on our channel in Telegram.

Have a nice vacation! Thank you for being with us.

Coaching staff of the Club of Applied Aikido “Lazar”