Summer camp season 2021 is over!

Summer camp season 2021 is over!

This summer, our club organized three trips to summer camps for our students. 2 mini trips to Puscha-Voditsa, 5 days each, and a ten-day trip to the sea.

The five-day field trips have worked well for younger children who have not yet traveled to camps. The convenience lies in the fact that during the working week the child is in a camp in nature, and spends the weekend at home.

The camp program included many activities:

  • daily workouts;
  • swimming pool;
  • various master classes;
  • overcoming the obstacle course;
  • shooting range;
  • walks in the park.

A ten-day trip to the Sea Wave sports camp has become extremely productive for our students.

Due to the fact that the training areas with tatami are equipped at the base, we had the opportunity to work on many complex technical elements, from somersaults to new techniques.

The camp schedule was very busy:

  • two workouts per day;
  • sports games on the beach;
  • bathing in the sea;
  • visiting master classes;
  • quests and discos;
  • no mobile phones or tablets!

All this made it possible to improve the level of skills of our students and just have fun together.

Next summer we will definitely organize trips to the camps, follow the news on our Facebook page.

Coaching staff of The Club of Applied Aikido “Lazar”