Resumption of work of the Club after the lockdown

Resumption of work of the Club after the lockdown

We would like to inform you that on January 25 CAA “Lazar” resumed its work after the winter lockdown. We work in the usual schedule, which can be found in detail here.

Additional enrollment in some groups is also underway. Seats are limited. Regarding the age of children, who want to sign up for training in Applied Aikido in Kyiv, we can note the following:

  • If you want to join a group in Beresteyska, we take children older than 6 years.
  • In Pozniaky, the minimum age of students is 8 years.
  • In Borshchahivka, in the children’s club “Holly”, new groups were added, the minimum age of which is 4 years.

You can also check the availability of places in the groups you are interested in and sign up for a trial training by calling the numbers listed in the contacts section.

In addition, this year we have added the option of individual training. Our coaches have almost no free time for these classes, but maybe the one that is will suit you.

We wish you good health. And of course we will meet on the tatami.

Coaching staff of the Club of Applied Aikido “Lazar”