Resumption of the educational process at Borshchagivka

Resumption of the educational process at Borshchagivka

Dear parents and students of the CAA “Lazar”, we are pleased to announce the resumption of the educational process on Borshchagivka in the Children’s Club “Holly”. The start of training will take place on 04/26/2022. Days remain unchanged – Tuesday and Friday. The start time of classes can be clarified by phone or in private messages with our trainers. All contact information can be found here.

So far, only this hall is starting, because it is possible to conduct classes in it and stay indoors even during an air raid, which is confirmed by the specialized commission for emergency situations at the Kyiv City State Administration. Therefore, we will be glad to see everyone who stayed in the capital and lives on the right bank at training.

Given the difficult economic situation in our country, the financial policy of the Club will be as loyal as possible. This will allow everyone to join the learning process no matter what your situation is. All details can be discussed with our head coach, Yuriy Petrovichev. Note that the inability to pay for classes in this difficult time for the country will not be an obstacle to visiting the Club. If you wish, you can also pay for classes for those who are unable to do so.

See you on the tatami!


Head coach of CAA “Lazar”
Yuriy Petrovichev