Rank-test and Applied Aikido seminar in Pavlograd 2021

Rank-test and Applied Aikido seminar in Pavlograd 2021

On June 5, 2021, in Pavlograd, Dnipropetrovsk region, an Applied Aikido seminar for children and adults was held on the basis of CAA “Hornet” and rank-test of students for new belts. The chairman of the commission was the head coach of the Applied Aikido Club Kyiv Ryzhakov Andriy, black belt, 4 Dan. The event was also attended by coaches of the Kiev Club “Lazar”.

The summer seminar in Pavlograd gathered a significant number of guests from the capital, who represented the clubs “Lazar” and “Kyiv” and took place in a friendly atmosphere and productive course. We managed to disassemble the techniques of self-defense for children and adults, which the students of the Pavlograd Club will be able to disassemble and develop in preparation for the next meeting and the next rank-test.

We would like to note the very high level of preparation of all applicants for the new belts and the excellent demonstration of knowledge both during the seminar and during the rank-test. In the 8 months since our previous meeting, you have made significant progress, which shows the constant and hard work in each training. This was also noted by all guests of the June event. We want you to keep going and keep moving forward. It is very nice to note that with each our arrival, the number of students in the Club becomes hing, and the color of the belts becomes darker. Therefore, all those who are looking for self-defense courses for children and adults in Pavlograd, we advise you to contact the Club of Applied Aikido Club “Shershen”.

Special thanks to the coaching staff of the Hornet Club Oleksiy Silin and Oleksandr Oliynyk for the excellent organization of the event. As always, everything went at the highest level. We are glad that together we can develop Applied Aikido in Ukraine and hold events that bring together representatives of different clubs. We will wait for new meetings both in Pavlograd and in Kyiv.

Coaching staff of The Club of Applied Aikido “Lazar”