Individual Applied Aikido trainings 20.08.2020

Individual Applied Aikido trainings 20.08.2020

For us, the comfort, safety and health of our students always come first. That is why this year, given the situation around the world with the coronavirus pandemic, we decided to introduce individual training in Applied Aikido.

For your convenience, comfort and safety, you can choose any of the training options:

  • individual – only you and the coach. Maximum attention, maximum detail, maximum information and maximum security.
  • doubles – training for two. Your children or you with a friend. You choose a person you are confident in your company.
  • family – an adult with a child. In this case, you work with two or three coaches at once and you get individual training in parallel with each other.

You get the same as in general training – work out and the opportunity to master or hone your self-defense skills. At the same time much more attention and the ability to meticulously analyze every moment and every nuance.

But the most important bonus: with any of these options, you can be as calm as possible for your health:

  • The dojos are disinfected before classes.
  • Only you choose people you trust.
  • The time, place and cost of classes are discussed individually and depend on the workload of our coaches.

The number of seats, as well as the possible training time is limited. So hurry to choose a convenient time and format. All information can be clarified by phone. Contact information is collected here.

Coaching staff of the Club of Applied Aikido “Lazar”