CAA "Lazar" rank-test for new belts took place in Kyiv

CAA “Lazar” rank-test for new belts took place in Kyiv

On May 16, a large annual rank-test of the “Lazar” Club students took place in Kyiv under the program of the International Federation of Applied Aikido, which was attended by almost a hundred of our students from all ages. We would like to congratulate everyone on receiving new belts and note the fruitful preparation of our students, which was highly appreciated by both the audience and the examination commission. We are proud of your results!

It should also be noted that the pupils of the Club “Lazar” successfully passed the rank-test for all levels, including the Black Belt, 1 Dan. Thus, according to the results of the certification, our Club was replenished with 10 Masters of Applied Aikido, who are now holders of black belts. With what we congratulate everyone who has made efforts to reach this level. To all students who worked hard for 7-8 years. Parents, for the trust and support without which we would not be able to achieve such results. To all assistants and trainers who helped to prepare and demonstrate the acquired skills directly at the rank-test.

Congratulations also to all the instructors who also successfully passed the exam that day and received their new belts. We are proud of everyone and have the honor to work together.

We would like to thank Andriy Ryzhakov, the head coach of the Applied Aikido Club “Kyiv”, who headed the rank-test commission that day. And to everyone who helped organize the event.

The training process in our club continues in the usual mode, so we move on to new achievements and new knowledge together!

Coaching staff of the Club of Applied Aikido “Lazar”