Applied Aikido in Odessa

Applied Aikido in Odessa

Representatives of the Club of Applied Aikido “Lazar” visited Odesa at the beginning of August 2020.

We conducted several trainings together with local martial arts representatives and those who wish to get acquainted with Applied Aikido. Training in 2 days flew by in an instant, but were extremely productive and was held in a wonderful, friendly atmosphere.

We would like to thank the organizer of the event, Stanislav Andrianov, for the invitation and interest in the discipline in which we are engaged. We were happy to share experiences, train together and demonstrate the nuances and details of Applied Aikido. We will be glad to meet again in Odesa, and we look forward to visiting Kyiv.

Thank you to everyone who visited our classes from Odesa and the Chornomorsk for spending these days with us. For your interest and persistence during training.

Special thanks to all the representatives of CAA “Lazar”, who found the opportunity to come with us and make this weekend really unforgettable. We are once again convinced that together we can achieve the goals. Because we are one big and powerful aikifamily.

It is only the beginning and this means that we will definitely visit Odesa, Chornomorsk, and other cities. Who knows, maybe the summer training in Odesa or near Odesa will become a regular and integral part of the training process for us. So follow the news and announcements on our oficial Facebook page.

Coaching staff of the Club of Applied Aikido “Lazar”