A seminar and rank test on Applied Aikido was held in Kyiv

Аттестация на пояса 2019

A seminar and rank test on Applied Aikido was held in Kyiv

On March 15-17, 2019, a seminar on Applied Aikido was held in Kyiv under the leadership of the President of the International Federation of Applied Aikido Radoica Spasovic, Black Belt, 9 Dan SOKE. The seminar was also attended by students and trainers of the Club of Applied Aikido “Lazar”. And on March 17, at the end of the seminar, a big rank test took place.

The examination committee was headed by Master Radoica Spasovic, Black Belt 9 Dan. Also in the commission were one of the leading masters of the federation Jovan Spasovic, Black Belt 4 Dan, and the head of the Applied Aikido Club “Kiev” master Andrey Ryzhakov, Black Belt 4 Dan.

We are proud and glad that our students demonstrated high level of training, adequately noted by the head of the federation, their perseverance and hard work. And they successfully passed rank test, hence received well-deserved new belts. The coaching staff sincerely congratulates all our students.

On behalf of the whole club, the whole aikido family, we congratulate our coaches: Elena Morachevich with successful certification for the 1 Dan Black Belt and obtaining the title of Master of Applied Aikido, as well as Yuri Petrovichev with successful passing to the 2 Dan Black Belt.

Separately, we want to congratulate all students, parents, trainers, and everyone involved in the activities of the Lazar Applied Aikido Club on receiving a certificate of appreciation “For their contribution to the development of Applied Aikido.” We are honored that the head of the Federation appreciates our work.

We sincerely congratulate everyone! We are glad to grow up together!

Coaching staff of the Club of Applied Aikido “Lazar”