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Интервью на Голосе Столицы

Interview of the “Lazar” head coach on the “Voice of the Capital” radio

We are happy to present you a recording of the broadcast on the “Voice of the Capital” radio. In an interview with Natalia Gaevskaya, the head coach and founder of the “Lazar” Club Yuriy Petrovichev, spoke about what Applied Aikido is, what benefits training for children and adults, and why it is worth doing in general. Enjoy listening and watching. If you have any questions or want to sign up for a free training, our contacts can be found here.

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Top 5 Reasons to Enroll Your Child in Applied Aikido

Many parents often ask questions about how to maintain the health of their children, how to raise them fully developed, how to get them away from the computer and more. During the computerization of society and the development of gadgets, which are only gaining momentum every year, these questions become more acute. The workload at school, which the students take off, allegedly “relaxing” at the computer, negatively affects their vision, posture, and health in general. Therefore, exercise is extremely important for a child’s development. Not only physical, but also psychological.

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В каком возрасте можно начинать заниматься айкидо

Is it too late to start aikido classes at 30, 40, 50 or later?

Sometimes we are confronted with questions from adults about whether it is too late for them to start practicing aikido. Age is not the same, plasticity with elasticity decreases, and there is not as much strength as we would like. On this score, we always have an unequivocal opinion: it is never too late to move forward.

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Соревнования по айкидо

Aikido competitions – pros and cons

Many parents and adults who come to us to practice ask: “Why is there no competition in Aikido?”. The answer is very simple – they are not provided from the beginning. Although some federations and clubs still hold them, but about this later.

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trenirovki na kanikulah

Training during school holidays continues as usual

Dear parents and students! We would like to remind you that despite the autumn holidays in schools, classes of Applied Aikido “Lazar” are as usual.

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Семинары реальное и прикладное айкидо

Applied Aikido – modern self-defense system

Applied Aikido is a Serbian system of self-defense, developed by Master Radojica Spasovic, Black Belt 9 Dan.

Radojica Spasovic studied with the founder of Real Aikido Ljubomir Vracarevic for more than 30 years, was one of his best students and spent 25 years as a personal assistant to Grandmaster Lubomyr. During this time he:

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тренировоные ги

How to choose a training gi for a child or adult

If you have decided that it is time to buy a Gi, we are ready to share our experience and tell you how to choose it correctly and what to pay attention to. First, it should be noted that the kimono, or, more correctly, training gi, is definitely the most comfortable clothing for training. The special cut, strengthening of the places which are exposed to the greatest physical influence, promote that you can concentrate as much as possible on training and feel comfortable. Properly selected gi can withstand the loads that can not cope with ordinary sportswear. Secondly, it is worth noting the moral factor. Appropriate form for sports disciplines and motivates to move forward.

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Набор на тренировки о айкидо

Set for the new school season. Places are limited

Dear friends, we’d like to remind you that the Club of Applied Aikido “Lazar” is recruiting students for the new school year.

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Единоборства для детей айкидо

What sport to choose for a child

At some point, most parents have questions:

  • To which section to give the child?
  • What sport is good for children?
  • How to give a child the opportunity to grow up harmoniously?

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Helena Morachevich

Master black belt 1st Dan

Holds classes in Beresteysky, Borshchagovsky and Poznyaky Districts