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Summer rank-test 2022 and working July

This year, July started very unusually for us. On the one hand, for the first time in many years we are working in dojos, instead of vacations or trips to summer camps. On the other hand, the rank-test of our students for new belts took place. Although this time the number of participants in the exam was small, it is extremely difficult to overestimate the value and importance of the event for us. We congratulate all students who have now resumed their studies and successfully passed the exam for new belts.

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Resumption of training at Poznyaki

With great joy we announce the resumption of the training process not only on the right, but also on the left bank of the Dniprо. Aikido training in Poznyaki for children and adults will take place on the usual days, namely on Wednesday and Saturday. However, given the circumstances, the time of classes has been slightly changed. For up-to-date schedule information, please contact our coaches. All necessary contact information can be found here.

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Resumption of the educational process at Borshchagivka

Dear parents and students of the CAA “Lazar”, we are pleased to announce the resumption of the educational process on Borshchagivka in the Children’s Club “Holly”. The start of training will take place on 04/26/2022. Days remain unchanged – Tuesday and Friday. The start time of classes can be clarified by phone or in private messages with our trainers. All contact information can be found here.

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Suspension of the training process

Dear parents and students of the CAA “Lazar”, due to the start of a large-scale military invasion of russia into our state and the introduction of martial law in Ukraine, the educational process in all our dojos has been temporarily suspended.

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Lazar Family Day! We spend time together not only on the tatami!

For a long time we have been thinking about expanding the club life beyond the tatami. However, due to various quarantine restrictions in recent years, our plans have been postponed.

But in 2022, we want to create a tradition for our students and teammates. The tradition of being together not only in the training process, but also in free time. Jointly attending master classes, trips to excursions and museums, etc.

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Christmas holidays 2022

Dear parents and students of the Club of Applied Aikido “Lazar”, the Christmas holidays are approaching, and we are also going on vacation! This year, the winter holidays in the club begin on December 28, 2021.

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Let’s go to the sea! Preparing for Summer Camp 2022!

Dear parents, early booking for a summer camp at the sea has opened!

Training camp on the Black Sea, in the village of Rybakovka, Mykolaiv region, time – 07.07-16.07.2022.

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Start of season 2021/22 and a new group in Poznyaki!

Dear parents and students of the CAA “Lazar”, traditionally, on September 1st, we start a new academic season, and also open a new group in Poznyaki!

In the dojo at st. Mishugi 2, a new group for children 5-8 years old is opening. We invite everyone to practice! Training time for the younger group: Wednesday at 18:00 and Saturday at 9:00. Some adjustments are also made to the schedule of other groups.

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Summer camp season 2021 is over!

This summer, our club organized three trips to summer camps for our students. 2 mini trips to Puscha-Voditsa, 5 days each, and a ten-day trip to the sea.

The five-day field trips have worked well for younger children who have not yet traveled to camps. The convenience lies in the fact that during the working week the child is in a camp in nature, and spends the weekend at home.

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Rank-test and Applied Aikido seminar in Pavlograd 2021

On June 5, 2021, in Pavlograd, Dnipropetrovsk region, an Applied Aikido seminar for children and adults was held on the basis of CAA “Hornet” and rank-test of students for new belts. The chairman of the commission was the head coach of the Applied Aikido Club Kyiv Ryzhakov Andriy, black belt, 4 Dan. The event was also attended by coaches of the Kiev Club “Lazar”.

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