Women's Self Defense Courses: Real Help or False Confidence?

Women’s Self Defense Courses: Real Help or False Confidence?

You can find a lot of information on the Internet about special training, self-defense short courses or protection classes exclusively for women. As a rule, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are invited to them under the guise of teaching special techniques, discovering the secrets and features of protection from a partner superior in physical performance. And the most important aspect, which the organizers of such events very often point out, is that they promise to overcome the psychological barriers that could arise as a result of extremely negative attitudes from men. Claim to help develop self-confidence. They will be trained to rebuff anyone and emerge victorious from any situation. Today we will try to understand this issue in more detail.

Secret techniques for women: myth or reality?

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It makes no sense to dispute the fact that women have their own characteristics that can and should be used in the event of a conflict situation or a situation in which something may threaten health and life.

In this case, all means will be good. In case of emergency, everything can and should be used:

  • nails;
  • handbag;
  • umbrella;
  • heels.

In general, everything that can be used to preserve life and health.

Yes, undoubtedly, due to the usually smaller mass for girls, in the absence of the necessary knowledge and skills, it may be more difficult to inflict serious damage to the attacker. But the key point here is the lack or availability of the necessary knowledge or skills. You can attack anything:

  • unprotected and fragile body parts;
  • pain points;
  • weak joints.

Everyone has them. Even the real Goliaths. But the point is to act on them correctly.

Let’s be honest, men, in most cases, are physically superior to women. Therefore, to repulse only by force is not entirely correct, since it is unlikely that it will be possible to achieve the desired effect. Therefore, it is worth using other methods of influence.

Very often you can hear recommendations that it is necessary to use the means at hand:

айкидо для девушек

  • nail file;
  • perfume;
  • magazine;
  • handbag;
  • keys.

Many competently say that this is a panacea that will save in any situation. Undoubtedly, the use of improvised means is an excellent self-defense for girls. But it’s important to do it right. After all, you can get into soft tissues. Then the damage will be minimal, and the achieved effect will only make the attacker even more angry.

The use of special equipment should be noted separately. Many have high hopes for using a shocker or a gas spray. Undoubtedly, their effectiveness has been proven and beyond doubt. But there are several nuances:

  • Does everyone know how to use them?
  • Will the girl have time to quickly and quietly get them in a critical situation, if there is no corresponding skill development?
  • Will he be able to apply or will he be confused, and what should have been protected will be used against the defender?

To do this, you also need to train. Undoubtedly, self-defense for women has its own characteristics. Yes, there are nuances that are available for the most part to girls. But you need to know how to properly dispose of them.

Psychological preparation and self-confidence

However, the most important place in this whole story is undoubtedly psychological preparation and the development of self-confidence.

  • How not to get lost in a difficult situation?
  • How to find a few seconds to make a decision?
  • How to react in a stressful situation?

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Many training sessions and seminars promise to answer all these questions. Teach, suggest and guide. However, there is one important point. All this is possible only if there is an opportunity to experience and work it all out on men at such training and seminars.

Unfortunately, sometimes situations happen in life that leave an imprint on the rest of your life. Critical situations affecting the emergence of certain barriers and complexes. They can be overcome if there is an opportunity to systematically and gradually learn, gain confidence and master oneself.

There are simple things to remember:

  • It is unlikely that a woman in the training process will be able to grab and hold another woman as strongly in order to give an opportunity to learn how to free herself from a real strong grip.
  • A girl will not beat another girl the way a man can. Unfortunately, such situations happen and you also need to be able to cope with them, as well as with their consequences.
  • In the end, how not to be numb when a hefty man rushes at you and his intentions are definitely not the most pleasant?

The most important thing in this situation is the ability to overcome this barrier. But if the girl becomes numb in front of the attacking man, who is much larger than her. Will she be able to overcome her fear by practicing techniques on other girls? Will she be able to overcome herself in the event of a critical situation? Very difficult and highly controversial issues. And we are not sure if the answer to them is yes.

Mixed groups or closed training?

Our opinion on this matter is unambiguous: if you want not to be afraid of male aggression, learn to cope with it by practicing techniques and techniques on men. This is the most effective way in our subjective opinion.

женская самооборона

There is no division into male and female groups in our Club. We do not offer individual lessons. Just for the reason that the girls studying with us could try the technique on different opponents. Different builds, with different individual characteristics. We are convinced that this is what allows you to achieve the maximum result.

Yes, of course, the learning process starts from the basics, with the simplest techniques. At the beginning, we analyze and work out the principles that we will use. We help, suggest and do not offer resistance in order to make it possible to understand the movement itself. But quickly enough we give the opportunity to try to work out a technique from a stronger blow or a really strong grip.

And it is this moment that girls need to take into account when searching for a section.

  • Want to be ready to defend yourself?
  • Are you choosing self-defense courses for girls in Kyiv or any other city?

Then be sure to see if there is an opportunity to work out techniques on men.

It is not so important which one you choose. Aikido, karate, MMA or krav maga, judo or jujitsu. Pick a place where you feel comfortable, where you feel confident. But be sure to consider the points that we wrote about above. If you decide to sign up for a trial lesson with us, then all the necessary information about the schedule and contacts can be found here. But in this article we talked about what to wear for a trial lesson.

And remember that the best self-defense is to prevent the very fact of a conflict situation. We wish you a relaxing and safe stroll.