Why your daughter should study Applied Aikido

Спорт для девочек - Прикладное Айкидо

Why your daughter should study Applied Aikido

If you are happy parents of a charming girl and think about the sports section, we can say with full confidence that Applied Aikido for children is the best option. Consider the benefits of aikido for girls in more detail.

What Applied Aikido will teach

Apparently, the key in our classes is self-defense for girls. Practicing Aikido, they will always be able to protect themselves. The training program is designed to teach a child to fight back in any conflict and at the risk of attack, grabbing hair, trying to grab an arm or shoulder, the intention to steal something from the child’s pocket and more. The set of techniques is quite acceptable for real life and those unpleasant situations that a person may face in the modern world.

At the same time, we are not limited to the opportunity to protect ourselves. Coaches try to teach children to avoid escalating the conflict and try to resolve the dispute peacefully, with words and actions. But again, if that doesn’t help, your child will be able to repel the bully.

Why choose aikido

Self-defense for children in general, and self-defense for girls in particular, is included in numerous sports and sections. Why should you focus on aikido? Everything is very simple. Aikido does not instill aggression in children, it is not a conflict or competitive sport. There is no need to beat anyone. And you can be sure that no one will beat including your child. Yes, children learn and practice techniques both on each other and on their coaches. But we do not have sparring as such.

On the one hand, the child learns to defend himself, on the other – to help those who work with her in pairs, and thus develop their communication skills, learn to make friends, give in, help and support.

We try to develop children not from the position of “each for himself”, where everyone competes with each other, but in an atmosphere of friendship, attention and mutual assistance.

We do not divide groups separately for boys and girls. All students are engaged in general groups, which allows them to learn to communicate with each other. Girls learn and practice tricks on boys, which allows them not to get lost and not to be afraid of stronger opponents.

Comprehensive classes

Another extremely important point is that we pay enough time and attention to the physical training of children. A special course of general physical training includes a series of exercises that allow the child to develop harmoniously.

Girls in the dojo still remain girls. There are exercises that contribute to the formation and maintenance of correct posture, complexes for mobility, flexibility, plasticity. Aikido does not deform or distort female beauty. You will not meet here girls with disproportionately wide shoulders, we do not have broken fists and bloody bones, deformed ears and noses. Our students can protect themselves, but grow up mobile, athletic, flexible and, most importantly, feminine.

Dojos in different areas of Kyiv

Another strong argument is location. If you are looking for aikido on the right bank, there are two dojos to choose from. The large dojo, where classes for adults and children are held, is within walking distance of the Beresteyska and Shulyavska metro stations. There is also a dojo for children at Kolibris (Borshchahivka). If you are interested in aikido on the left bank, another dojo is a two-minute walk from the metro Poznyaki. More information about the location and training schedule can be found here.