Training Gi for Aikido: when should you buy a kimono

Когда покупать кимоно

Training Gi for Aikido: when should you buy a kimono

Today we will speak about one of the most common questions: “What clothes is the most convenient for a trial lesson?” And “When should you buy a kimono?”. We’ll also show you which kimono, or rather training Gi, to wear.

The kimono disciplines, adjusts to the training mood and is the best clothing for training, because it includes all the features of functional loads that the trainee faces.

But buying it for the first training is not rational. Ordinary sportswear is quite suitable for the beginning. The main thing is that the kimono should be comfortable and doesn’t restrict movement.

T-shirts and sports shorts will be suitable for both adults and children. First it is necessary to practice and understand that:

  • you have found your section;
  • you or your child are comfortable here;
  • there is contact with the trainer who conducts the lesson.

How to choose a section, we will tell in another article, and now we will return to clothes for trainings.

If the usual comfortable sportswear is enough for the first classes, then in time you will really have to think about buying a kimono. When to do it is an individual question. You have time do it in a couple of weeks or even months.

Types and features of training kimonos (Gi)

Undoubtedly, the kimono is much more suitable for training than any other clothing. Special cut, dense fabric, strengthening of the places which are exposed to the greatest physical influence, – all this makes training more comfortable for you.

Kimono (Gi) is divided into 3 types:

  • for judo (knitted jacket, reinforced pants);
  • for karate (smooth fabric of jackets and trousers);
  • for taekwondo (one-piece jacket).

Which kimono is the best for a child

For a child the simplest white kimono “karate” is quite suitable. It can withstand all the necessary loads and performs its tasks. At the same time its cost is lower than that of other types. As children grow, the kimono will have to be changed after a while. And in this case, it is a great opportunity to save the family budget, without any loss for training and comfort.

Which kimono to choose for an adult

As for the kimono for an adult or a child who has been practicing for a long time, you can take a more “advanced” judo kimono. It differs in the structure of the fabric and durability.

The color can be both white or blue. This is quite individual and depends on your preferences only. Some people are impressed by white models, others choose a more practical and less branded blue version.

The goal of many stores is to sell a more product of a higher price and make sure that you return soon for a new purchase. You should understand, that our trainers are always ready to advise you on choosing a kimono from the standpoint of which option will be more comfortable, practical, based on the experience of training. We will be happy to help you choose a kimono that will last and will please for a long time.