Perfect age to start practicing Aikido

В каком возрасте можно начинать заниматься айкидо?

Perfect age to start practicing Aikido

Sometimes we receive such questions as “Isn’t it too late to bring my child to the Aikido classes, concerning his/her age?”

We have only one answer – there is no age restrictions in Aikido, especially in Applied Aikido. It doesn’t really matter, how old is your child or even you when it comes to workouts. However it is really important to have passion and desire to practice and workout.

Aikido is not an Olympic sport. There are no competitions, perfect age to start or upper limit, after which all of the results and achievements don’t match with the regulations or standards. The only thing that matters – your desire to practice, improve your skills, gain knowledge and always work on yourself. Our main goal – overcome our yesterday selves. Therefore, only enemy you can fight with is yourself.

Group formation

All of the workout groups in our Club are divided by age. And it doesn’t matter if you want your trainings to occur on the Left or Right Bank of Dnipro river. We have such children groups:

  • 5 to 7 years old;
  • 7 to 11 y.o.;
  • 12 to 16 y.o.;
  • 16 and older.

We consider age of each kid before choosing appropriate group, as well as physical features, height and body constitution. Every student needs to feel comfortable during workouts, however we maintain all of the trainings with maximal efficiency. It’s also our concern for child to be with peers, because for them it’s much easier to find common interests and topics to discuss. Due to our friendly and benevolent environment, many of our students manage to find new friends in our Club.

It doesn’t matter how old is your child, if you want him/her to practice aikido in our Club. And we will choose perfect group for your child, where he/she will improve skills and develop in comfort. For more information you can contact our coaches. Contacts and schedule can be found here.