Applied Aikido - modern self-defense system

Семинары реальное и прикладное айкидо

Applied Aikido – modern self-defense system

Applied Aikido is a Serbian system of self-defense, developed by Master Radojica Spasovic, Black Belt 9 Dan.

Radojica Spasovic studied with the founder of Real Aikido Ljubomir Vracarevic for more than 30 years, was one of his best students and spent 25 years as a personal assistant to Grandmaster Lubomyr. During this time he:

  • He has participated in an incredible number of seminars around the world. He has conducted more than a hundred seminars in various countries, including Serbia, Macedonia, Ukraine, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Montenegro, Croatia and beyond.
  • He has repeatedly participated in the largest martial arts festival in Bercy, Franse.
  • He trained cadets of the Serbian Military Academy of the Armed Forces.
  • He raised a few generations of black belts.

Personal achievements:

  • In 2003, at the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, held in Dallas, Texas, USA, he was recognized as “The Best Martial Arts Instructor in the World”, for which he received a certificate.
  • Two years later, in 2005, in Chicago, USA, at the regular congress of the World Hall of Fame of Martial Arts, a high commission of the 10 greatest Masters of modern martial arts awarded Radoitsa Spasovich 8 Dan of Real Aikido.
  • In 2012, Grandmaster Lubomyr Vracharevich, the owner of 10 Dan, the highest in martial arts, for outstanding achievements and incredible technique presented Master Radoitsa 9 Dan.

Applied Aikido is a modern style of protection based on experience and biomechanics

A teacher by vocation and education, Radoitsa Spasovich devoted his entire life to the study of Real Aikido and reached great heights in it. Every year, the Master continues to train, develop and improve, trying to deepen and expand his knowledge in the field of self-defense. As a result of many years of work and experience, in 2016 Master Radoica Spasovich created the International Federation of Applied Aikido. It is a modern style that combines effective techniques that can be performed by any student, regardless of physical strength and build. The principles of Applied Aikido are not based on force, but on the biomechanical features of the human body:

  • fractures;
  • painful;
  • suffocating;
  • percussion technique;
  • throws;
  • protection against attack by several attackers;
  • work against weapons.

All this allows you to most effectively repel any aggression that may face a child or adult.

Serbian Aikido and our way in it

The coaching staff of the Club of Applied Aikido “Lazar”, represented by Yuriy Petrovichev, Valeriy Prykhodchenko and Olena Morachevych, also began its career in the study of aikido with the discipline of Lubomyr Vracharevich – Real Aikido.

We started practicing at the Real Aikido Club “Ariston”. Later it was reorganized into the Real Aikido Club “Kyiv” and the Ukrainian Real Aikido Center. Engaged in the study and promotion of Real Aikido in parallel, interacting in seminars and events related to this martial art.

In 2016, when Radojica Spasovic announced the creation of the International Federation of Applied Aikido, it was decided to follow our Teacher and support his work in a new direction. Withdrawal from the World Real Aikido Center and accession to the International Federation of Applied Aikido has been announced. One of the steps taken in this regard was to change the name to the “Kyiv” Applied Aikido Club.

In 2018, in order to further develop the style and expand the Federation, the Club of Applied Aikido “Lazar” was established, named after the Serbian King Lazar.

Grandmaster Lubomyr Vracharevich was a really great Master and a Man from whom we learned a lot. Now his work is continued by outstanding Masters:

  • Anna Vracarevic (9 Dan);
  • Sanya Vracarevic (6 Dan);
  • Igor Petrovic (6 Dan);
  • Vladimir Vokic (7 Dan);
  • Branko Breschansky (6 Dan) and more.

But we are closer to the approach and version of the technique performed by Radoitsa Spasovich in the framework of Applied Aikido: his experience, speed, accuracy, dynamics, principles. Add to this the charisma, energy and atmosphere that prevails in the training of Master Radojica – for us the choice was obvious. Despite the very high level, our Master continues to improve and develop the direction, constantly moving forward.

Trainings and seminars

Our coaches have been and are participants in a large number of seminars led by such Masters as Lubomir Vracarevic, Radojica Spasovic, Igor Petrovich and Branko Breschansky. We were trained and continue to practice directly in the club of the founder of Applied Aikido, Radojica Spasovic, in Belgrade, Serbia.

The head coach of the “Lazar” Applied Aikido Club is Yuriy Petrovichev. As an assistant, he took part in a demonstration to mark the 45th anniversary of Real Aikido, which took place in 2012 at the Sava Centar, the largest concert hall in Serbia and the entire former Yugoslavia. Already as a master, Yuriy Petrovichev demonstrated his work at the open presentation of the Federation of Applied Aikido, which took place in 2018 in Belgrade, Serbia.

Our Goals

The most important task we set ourselves is the opportunity to learn what Applied Aikido is not through the prism of our vision and perception, but in the format and form in which it is represented by our Founder, his students and personal assistants.

Our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to learn to defend themselves in a critical situation. Be able, above all, to avoid conflict. Try to extinguish the aggression in its infancy or nullify it. But if that doesn’t work, be able to fight back.

We try to create an atmosphere built on mutual respect and mutual support so that every student, who comes to us, can find new friends, socialize. We remind everyone of the importance of respecting other students and seniors.

Exercise must be included in the training program so that the child develops not only socially, but also physically, grows strong and healthy. We make sure that adults also receive the necessary load, which allows you to keep fit.

If you are looking for self-defense classes for yourself or your child, we will be happy to welcome you to our classes. Applied Aikido training for children and adults is held in Kyiv, both on the right and on the left bank. The list of halls and the current schedule can be found here.