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“A path of a thousand li starts with a single step” – Lao Ji. You will honor us if you decide to take this step together.

Applied Aikido is a Serbian self-defense complex. This complex combines bunch of defensive techniques against various attacks of one or multiple assailants. The main feature of the Applied aikido lies in unique conjunction of opponent immobilization methods and neutralization of aggression in the very beginning of the conflict.

We teach how to dispel the aggression dealing no physical damage to the assailant. Continuous practice helps apprentices react to real life situations properly and develop self-confidence and cold-blooded decisionmaking in any kind of circumstances.

Workout Concept

Physical condition is one of the main technique development factors. It doesn’t matter how fit you are at the beginning of the classes. We pay close attention to all the physical skills you need to progress, including strength, velocity, movement, stamina, balance and especially coordination. Therefore continuous practice of Applied Aikido influences both adults’ and children’s physical skills positively. Development proceeds considering individual apprentice’s features, initial physical condition, body constitution, health status etc.

Modern lifestyle is often implies lack of physical activity, hence many related disorders happen to occur. This fact has become a fundamental basis of our workout concept, which focuses not only on fighting techniques, but also pays special attention to the widely spread physical activity.

Applied Aikido is about:

  • Ideally dosed physical activity for each and every apprentice considering their features;
  • Increasing level of self-confidence and acquiring ability to control the assailant through studying and practicing self-defense techniques.


Our workout concept was formed due to master’s Radoiza Spasovich perennial experience. Being an outstanding martial arts expert, he synergized his extensive experience into Applied Aikido concept.

Master Radoiza Spasovich possesses Black Belt 9th dan of Real Aikido. Radoiza is of the favorite apprentices of Lubomir Vracharevich, who invented Real Aikido Soke. Spasovich conducted over 100 inner and international seminars and has been working in this industry for 30 years, 25 of them as Lubomir Vracharevich’s personal assistant. Master Radoiza Spasovich is a member of an IAAF Hall of Fame. Back in 2003 he was awarded as a “Mentor of the Year” on the annual congress in the USA.

You will honor us if you decide to discover Applied Aikido for yourself. And we will be pleased to share knowledge and skills while moving through this path with you.

Applied Aikido children’s training in Kyiv

If you are looking for something to occupy your children, so that they grow up strong, healthy, confident and able to defend themselves – we advise you to try free training in our Club. Why? Basically: we are not just an aikido section for children. We have our own way:

  • Our task is to raise a strong, courageous and confident generation. We teach children not only to defend themselves in a critical situation. Our task is to teach to resolve conflicts at the stage of their formation and in the process of escalation.
  • Our aikido school works not only with small children. We train teenagers and adults also. Therefore, our education is not limited to a few years, after which you will have to look for a new section. Moreover, we have no age restrictions. Instead, there is an understanding of many years of further work with constant progress and results.
  • Our students start practicing since childhood and continue to develop, already gaining black belts and the title of Master of Applied Aikido. Read more about children’s training in the section Aikido for children.

Our method is a way of constant self-improvement.

Applied Aikido training for adults

Is it possible to teach children without learning by yourself? Definitely not. Therefore, our trainers are also constantly engaged and attend seminars in order to improve their skills.

The coaching staff of our Club is engaged in general groups together with everyone. Therefore, even beginners train with black belts, improving their skills and quickly mastering all the necessary details and nuances of Applied Aikido.

We don’t divide groups according to the skill level. Beginners will always train with more experienced teammates. And students with dark belts will be able to repeat the basics, practicing them with those who have just joined us.

Constant hard work, regular training and development is our basis.

Convenient location

For the maximum comfort of our students and everyone who wants to join, we have several gym places where you can learn aikido in Kyiv.

On the left bank you can find Applied Aikido in Poznyaki district. Both children and adults train in the dojo next to the metro. Also for the convenience of all visitors, there is a parking near the Shopping Mall “Pyramida”.

On the right bank, our Club is represented by two dojos:

We teach Aikido for children in Borshchahivka at the Holly Children’s Club, which provides a wide range of educational and developmental services. From early development and preparation for school, to sports sections for children and English classes.

We teach Applied Aikido on Beresteyska and Shulyavka at the “Economist” Sports Complex. Adult and children’s training, convenient location and good transport links. Also there is parking nearby. And the opportunity to drink coffee while the children train.

Club of Applied Aikido “Lazar” in Kyiv invites everyone to train! More detailed information about the training schedule, dojos addresses and contact information can be found here. In order to be always up to date with latest news, do not forget to subscribe to our official page on the social network Facebook.

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