Aikido for children

Applied Aikido for children provides amazing opportunity for your child to evolve both physically and psychologically.

Applied Aikido is a Serbian self-defense complex, that is absolutely corresponsive to modern needs and inquiries. We will help your child with self-confidence development, along with training kid to protect himself aggression from both peers and older children.

Child will be loaded enough for the balanced physical development:

  • Muscles and tendons will be reinforced.
  • Stamina, strength and reaction velocity will be increased.

Aikido workouts for children are not panacea, however regular attendance affect coordination and posture nothing but positively. We pay attention to general strengthening exercises every workout. Somersaults and rolls are also included, and we will explain how to execute them correctly. These exercises will clarify how to fall and roll without damaging yourself, and of course rolls and somersaults train child’s vestibular apparatus.

We work out self-defensive techniques every workout. How to act when somebody grabs you by your arm or hair? How should you block kicks and punches and how to fight against several assailants? Answers for these questions and even more information your child will receive at our Club of Applied Aikido.

However, that was all about physical interactions. Also, we hold our aikido classes for children according to the “three whales”:

  • Consideration
  • Discipline
  • Persistence

We respect our students and teach them to respect each other, to help and support younger students and freshmen, to protect weaker mates and respect adults.

We maintain our workouts in friendly and benevolent environment with no harm to the discipline. Naughty and disobedient students are not welcome in the Dojo. This approach stimulates children to become conscientious and responsible.

We believe that only 5% of success consists of talent. The other 95% are always all about hard and persistent work. Only doing all you can and diving all the best during workouts will lead to the actual results, because people never value thing they got for free. We will help your child set goals and achive them with persistent and obstinate work.

Our Club conducts belt attestations, however these events are rare enough to be exclusive for your child. To be honest, only those, who work hard and consistently overcome themselves every day are accepted to the promotions.

If you want your child to evolve physically, to be able to protect him/herself, to set goals and achieve them, to have additional social experience in our friendly team – welcome to our classes. In @CONTACTS@ section you can find all the contact information, addresses and schedules for all of our Dojos.

Also, “LIFESTYLE” section contains lots of articles about workouts, uniform and other useful information.