About Us

Club of Applied Aikido “Lazar” is a huge and well-balanced team of people who made aikido their lifestyle. We consider aikido being more than just workouts – that is continuous movement up and forward. We draw this desire to develop and share our knowledge from our Master, Head of International Applied Aikido Federation master Radoiсa Spasovich (Black belt 9th dan).

Our Club was officially registered on October 16, 2018. We consider this date to be the birthday of CAA “Lazar”. But it was just another step in the development of our huge aikifamily.

It is worth noting that we have been moving towards this for several years, having raised and educated a considerable number of students. Many of them already have black belts and continue training with us.

All of our work is built on the principles of mutual respect. Applied Aikido is not a competitive sport, therefore we create and maintain an atmosphere of joint development, friendship, mutual understanding and mutual assistance.

The basis of our work consists of:

ability to interact;
helping each other;
mutual support.

We want to create and develop a team that adults and children are happy to join. Our club is a place where everyone feels equal among equals and can count on the support of those around.

Our goal is the development of harmonious personalities, both physically and psychologically. Our students can:

stand up for oneself;
protect the weak;
avoid conflict or nullify it;
understand and realize their strength and responsibility;
apply the acquired skills in exceptional cases.

Keeping the spirit and main features of Mater’s Club training process really matters to us. All of the Coaches took part in numerous workshops including international ones. We attempt to pay attention to each student inspite of his/her skill level, and create benevolent environment every workout we have. All of our Masters are grateful to share all of their knowledge and skills with the ones who want to join the Club.

The club’s trainers are always happy to share their knowledge and best practices with everyone who decides to join us. The current schedule, hall addresses and contact information can be found here.

For more information please proceed to the page Our Team.

It has to be noticed, that each of our Masters obligatory takes part in workouts for children. You can get more information about our approach on the page Aikido for children.